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Typhoon and Tempest
Hugh A. Halliday
Year of Publication

An important (if sometimes overlooked) wartime contribution by the Royal Canadian Air Force involved the Typhoon and Tempest fighters. From 1942 onward, Canadians served on Typhoon squadrons. Later on, others flew the awesome Tempest, a hybrid Typhoon spin-off and one of the most advanced fighters of the day.

Typhoon and Tempest: The Canadian Story is the first book to deal with this special niche in RCAF history. From the original few Canadians operating the as yet unproven Typhoon interceptor on RAF squadrons, to those trying it as a day and night intruder, to its final emergence as a classic fighter-bomber, Hugh Halliday's book provides all the details from an RCAF perspective. Special emphasis is placed upon the activities of the all-Canadian Typhoon organization — No. 143 Wing, which comprised Nos. 438, 439 and 440 Squadrons.

Besides providing all the basic facts as found in the official records, Halliday captures the essence of this era at a very personal level. Naturally, there is all the action and excitement of aerial combat, but also much about ordinary squadron life, from the rigours and boredom of training, to all the moves from airfield to airfield, to the simple pleasures enjoyed on leave. Sadly, there is also an all-too-frequent poignancy as youthful comrades were lost at a terrible rate in what was one of the air war's most dangerous specialties.

Typhoon and Tempest: The Canadian Story brings together the finest collection of photos dealing with this time. Some 300 show the aircraft and, more importantly, the men who flew and maintained them. Besides, there are many photos of airfield activities and of the countryside and communities with which the lads became so familiar as they moved from England to the Normandy beach-head, then on into northern Germany and the end of the war. This book is solid history — hard-core, first-hand, and a true example of the RCAF valour and honour.