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Power: The Pratt & Whitney Canada Story
Kenneth H. Sullivan
Larry Milberry
Year of Publication

Power: The Pratt & Whitney Canada Story is the history of one of Canada's great aerospace companies. It provides detailed coverage of each era in P&WC's evolution, from the early 1930's, when the company was a small sales and service organization serving bush flying operations, through the hectic years of World War II, when the company played an important role assembling and servicing engines for the war effort, and into the 1950s, when P&WC became an engine manufacturer in its own right.

With the development and launching of the diminutive PT6 engine in the 1960s, P&WC entered the gas turbine era. This radical new design changed the face of general aviation and made the company the world's best-known maker of small gas turbine engines. Thousands of PT6 engines serve around the globe in applications as diverse as commuter aircraft, crop dusters and bush planes. The story comes right up to date with such important projects as the JT15D turbofan, the PW100 series of turboprops for the newest generation of commuter aircraft, and current projects such as the PW200 and PW300 families of gas turbine engines.

This handsome book tells the story not only of the engines but of the people who design, build and sell them, and of the company that grew from a small operation in rented premesis in Longueuil, Quebec, to a major player in the international aerospace community.