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The De Havilland Canada Story
Fred Hotson
Year of Publication

From beginnings in a railside canning shed on the outskirts of Toronto in 1929, de Havilland Canada has developed into one of the world's great aircraft manufacturers. With the unveiling of the Dash 8 commuter aircraft in 1983, the company once againconfirmed its position in the forefront of aviation technology.

De Havilland Canada was founded to assemble and sell British-made Moths, the light planes that did so much to make flying popular and accessible. The company adapted the various Moth types and larger DH aircraft such as the Dragon Rapide to skis and floats and thus began its traditional association with bushplanes. Wartime brought spectacular expansion as the company produced thousands of Tiger Moths, Ansons and Mosquitos. Immediately after the war, with P.C. Garratt as the driving force, de Havilland began its long series of successful Canadian designs. The Chipmunk trainer was used by numerous air forces and the Beaver, with its extraordinary short takeoff and landing ability, began a line of rugged buthplanes — the Otter, Turbo Beaver and Twin Otter. Military sales have been important to de Havilland, with the Caribou and Buffalo, but today the company is primarily a producer of passenger aircraft with its short-haul airliners, the Dash 7 and Dash 8.

The de Havilland Canada Story is a story of people and airplanes. It charts the progress of the company through good times and bad — it came close to shutting down as sales dwindled during the depression — and through changes of ownership from de Havilland to Hawker Siddeley to the Canadian government. Legendary figures are here, including Geoffrey de Havilland, Phil Garratt, Punch Dickins, C.D. Howe, Leigh Capreol, as well as many that are less well known, such as the Polish engineers who made an important contribution in the years during and immediately after the war. Lavishly illustrated with photographs, profiles, diagrrams and cutaway drawings, this is a book to delight any aviation enthusiast.