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Canada's Air Forces on Exchange
Larry Milberry
Year of Publication

Canada's Air Forces on Exchange is the first book covering an important but long-overooked aspect of air force life — personnel abroad on "peace-time" exchanges with Alied services.

The sweep of this exciting CANAV title is vast. Canadians are seen on exchange postings flying eveything from WWI bombers to pre-WWII fighters; jet-age fighters like the Javelin, F-106, F-16 and Tonado; Shackleton, Neptune and Nimrod anti-submarine aircraft; Canberra and Lincoln bombers; transpots from the RAF Hastings to the USAF C-17 and the US Army Chinook helicopter; trainers from the vinage Meteor to the supersonic T-38. Every command is covered. Variations on the theme are also covred, such as Canadian "ex-pats" serving in the RAF on everything from the F-4 to the Chinok.

There's never a dull moment with CAFE, as Canadians adjust to new surroundings and new aircraf. Sometimes the excitement is a bit too much, as when an RAF Hastings ditches in the Mediterranean a Shackleton crashes in the Scottish Highlands, an RCAF pilot is inadvertently ejected from his Caberra, or an F-105 Thunderchief goes down in the southwest desert.

Along with its mammoth text, CAFE is packed with rare black-and-white and colour photos showing allthe aircraft involved and nearly everyone who is profiled. There's almost no end to the depthand breadth of coverage so, if there ever was one, here's the book for anyone with a yen for RAF/Canadian Forces history at its best, for the hard-core aviation bibliophile, or for the devoted anadiana fan.