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Aviation in Canada: The Series Grows

CANAV's Centennial of Flight series is off to a solid start with 3 titles in print: Vol.1 Aviation in Canada: The Pioneer Decades, Vol.2 Aviation in Canada: The Formative Years and Vol.3 Aviation in Canada: Evolution of an Air Force. Reader comments about ACEAF would put a smile on any publisher's face. Terry Higgins, publisher of Canadian Aircraft of WWII, writes: "Another stellar CANAV production… It is like a well put together documentary film in paper form. This is a consistent characteristic of your books that I enjoy so much. And the cover price is just astounding. Next please!" At Passion Aviation, Pierre Gillard offers his own view: "Espéron que la saga Aviation in Canada continue encore longtemps car elle représente une mine incroyable d'informations qui devrait ètre "la" réference de quiconque s'intéresse ou voudrait s'intéresser à l'aviation au Canada depuis le 'Jour 1'..."

"Aviation in Canada" is the first attempt to create an encyclopedic coverage of Canada's aviation heritage. Vol.4 is now in the CANAV system: Aviation in Canada: The RCAF Overseas 1939-1945 will pick up from Vol.3, providing a solid new look at a key era. Due by June of 2011, it will have major chapters about Bomber Command, Fighter Command, Coastal Command, Southeast Asia, etc. with an emphasis on bringing as much new material to the printed page as we can.

Below is CANAV's new list. Take a good look and you'll find some irresistible titles. The "Aviation in Canada" series is a must, if I might say so myself. Next … Canada's Air Force at War and Peace has become a classic series in its own right. If you don't have this wonderful trio, you can finally break down and order a set — CAFWP is on sale! Here are more than 1000 pages of RCAF heritage with 2000+ photos that no true RCAF supporter would be without. Reader Bernie Pregler, who once navigated on CF-100s, recently discovered CAFWP and was moved to comment: "I started reading Vol.3 and was reminded of a W.B. Yeats poem — 'When you are old and gray and nodding by the fire, take down this book and read, and dream...' In fact, Yeats was writing it in regard to a girl he once loved, but since most of us are also in love with airplanes and flight, it's fair to think of it as being applicable to ourselves, as well. I'm overwhelmed by the amount of information and photographs, and completely in awe of anyone who can produce such a work - and not just one volume, but three …" I doubt that there's a book editor at any major Canadian newspaper who could touch this commentary for intellectual and literary depth. Check the special prices below for CAFWP (deal expires with our Spring 2011 list).

CANAV's fine book selection should conjure great gifts ideas, if you're wondering what to buy for your aviation-minded friends, employees, customers or suppliers. Any keen young person would be inspired by a book like Pioneer Decades and what's to stop anyone from donating a good Canadian aviation book to the local public or school library?

All the best …

Larry Milberry, publisher

CANAV's Famous Titles

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1     Aviation in Canada: Bombing and Coastal Operations Overseas 1939-1945 Milberry.

Vol.4 in the series. All the action re. Canadians in Bomber Command, Coastal Command and on other bombing & maritime duties. The great aircraft types & squadrons + hundreds of Canadian airmen are covered. Beautifully produced, just the perfect addition to your RCAF bookshelf. 272 pages, 550 photos, hardcover, large format, photos, glossary, bibliography, index. $50.00 A

2     Aviation in Canada: Evolution of an Air Force Larry Milberry.

If you have Pioneer Decades & Formative Years, you'll be in line for ACEAF. Thorough coverage of post-WWI days. The RCAF struggles to establish a raison d'être & succeeds in spite of Depression-era budget cuts. It blossoms with WWII, training more than 100,000 aircrew, protects convoys from U-boats, guards the West Coast against Japanese threats, etc. The depth of coverage will amaze any serious reader. Is this book any good? Well, George Sweanor of Arizona thinks so. The famous "Scribe" of 971 RCAF Air Marshal Slemon Wing, Air Force Association of Canada, George writes: "It is a big book, but it is amazing how much Larry has squeezed into it… Go buy your own copy. You will not regret it." 336 pages, 800 photos, hardcover, large format, photos, glossary, bibliography, index. $55.00 A

3    Aviation in Canada: The Formative Years Milberry.

Basic equipment for Canada's Centennial of Flight! If you have Volume 1 Pioneer Decades, you'll be in line in a hurray for your copy of Volume 2 The Formative Years. Picks up where Volume 1 finishes, going on to show how civil aviation finds its place in Canada — from barnstorming to the rise of bush flying, the importance of such war surplus planes as the JN-4 and HS-2L, then the appearance of new commercial designs, Canada's first airlines, the coming of the air mail, the first great trans-Atlantic flights, drama in the bush & tundra, etc. Formative Years covers it as never before and polishes it all off with some 450 glorious photos, many never previously seen. 224 pages, hardcover, large format, photos, maps, glossary, bibliography, index. $50.00 A

4     Aviation in Canada: The Pioneer Decades Milberry.

"Welcomed and treasured" is how Aviation News (February 2009) summarizes this important book. "A treasure for anyone with an interest in Canada's wonderful heritage in the air," says Air Force Magazine (Fall 2008). Bob Merrick writes in COPA Flight (January 2009): "The spectacular pictures perfectly supplement the tight, well-written, heavily researched narrative." And Pierre Gillard comments in Magazine Plain Vol (Février 2009): "… cet ouvrage devrait devenir une réfèrence incontournable et, par le fait même, se trouver dans toutes bibliothèque d'amateur d'aviation qui se respecte." Pioneer Decades covers each era from ballooning in the 1840s, then progresses to the flight of the Silver Dart in 1909. Extensive coverage of the ensuing years with exciting developments across Canada — the first great air meets, Canada in WWI with all the death and glory of air combat over the front, the birth of Canada's modern aviation industry, postwar denouement, etc. Vast text + 300 b/w & colour photos. 176 pp, hc, lf, photos, gloss, biblio. $50.00 A

5     Canada's Air Forces on Exchange Milberry.

The first book about Canadian airmen on peacetime duty with foreign air arms around the world. Solidly researched and presented in a readable style. From Billy Barker, VC, in Iraq in 1925 to RCAF crew on such interwar types as the Heyford, Singapore and Gauntlet to a vast array of post-WW2 exchanges on everything from the Meteor, Lightning, Canberra, Shackleton, Nimrod, Hastings and Comet in the RAF to the WB-50, EB-57, F-4, F-100, F-101, F-105, F-106, P-3, C-97 and today's C-17 in the US to the Neptune and Mirage in Australia and the RF-4 and Tornado in Germany. Misc. secondments and other exotic taskings also covered. You'll be astounded at the incredible adventures recounted! Limited supply, so order ASAP. 276 pages, hardcover, large format, 400 b/w & colour photos, lists, gloss, biblio, index. $50.00 A

6     The Wilf White Propliner Collection Milberry.

CANAV Books announces ... a fabulous new book covering historic aviation photographs of the renowned Wilf White. If you follow the bygone years of the great propeller-driven aircraft, you'll revel in this spectacular July 2006 release from CANAV. With 400+ very special photos The Wilf White Propliner Collection will give any serious aviation reader years of enjoyment. Wilf White of Glasgow has been photographing aircraft since he was a young man recently home from his wartime service. It was just then that the magnetic attraction of the great propliners of Prestwick Airport got a hold of him. Such was their grip that he would spend almost every free hour photographing anything with wings. Before long, Wilf had amassed one of the best aircraft photo collections in the UK. Meanwhile, he and a few fellow enthusiasts formed the Prestwick Airport Spotters Club. Not surprisingly, more than 60 years later, Wilf still was adding to his files and the club was as active as ever.

The book begins with a brief biography, then launches into the main topic. Being a photographer-generalist, Wilf's creative interests include every aircraft category, so it would take numerous books to do justice to his life's work. For this one, the topic is his favourite subject -- the great 4-engine propliners. If you get a charge simply at the thought of a Britannia, DC-7, Electra, Globemaster, Stratocruiser, Super Constellation or Vanguard, you'll hardly be able to put Wilf's book down. Here lies the full sweep of the propliner decades.

Naturally, the specialist airliner buffs will delight in Wilf's views of propliners in traditional colours -- American, BEA, BOAC, British Eagle, CPA, Flying Tiger, KLM, Lufthansa, ONA, Pan Am, QANTAS, SABENA, Seaboard and Western, Swissair, TCA, TWA, etc. The list is long, as is that of the many lesser operators shown. In the usual CANAV style, Larry Milberry has provided a detailed caption for each photo. Some of these read more like biographies (even obituaries), tracing a propliner's "life" from roll-out, through its many owners and activities over the decades, to a final ending in some bone yard or, sad to relate, accident. While enjoying Wilf's photos of the most renowned of propliners, you'll also find rarer types from the long-forgotten Apollo to the hulking Beverley and Deux Ponts, the diminutive Heron, and oft-maligned Tudor. Wilf being equally interested in civil or military propliners, there also are classic views of such important types as the B-50, C-133, Hastings, P-3 and Shackleton, and even of a few latter day warbirds. 176 pages, 8 1/2 x 11 inches, landscape format, format, glossary, bibliography, index. $40.00 A

7     The Leslie Corness Propliner Collection Milberry.

If you're a fan of aviation history, you'll want Larry Milberry's important new aviation biography and spectacular photographic archive. With 350 rare and beautifully shown photos, the book begins with Leslie's bio. The intro explains how his interests broaden as he matures in photography. Besides his early aviation photos, you'll enjoy historic samples of other great material -- steam rail, trams and ships. Leslie serves in the Arctic while the DEW Line is in full swing -- he's in "aviation heaven". You'll be amazed at his marvellous Kodachromes of everything from the DC-3 to the C-46, C-54, York, C-97 and C-124. Added to these are many incredible Northern views from Yellowknife to Frobisher Bay, Cambridge Bay, etc. Otherwise, be it a DEW Line cargo plane, a North Star on a supply drop, a dog team mushing across the bleak tundra, or the summer sea lift, Leslie spares not a frame. An informative text, based largely on his extensive diaries, covers Leslie's adventures year by year. The Corness aviation collection begins with classic views of the Boeing 247, moves to the great Lockheed twins, then the DC-3 through DC-7C and such other important propliners as the Bristol Freighter, C-130, CL-44, Convair series, Electra, L.049 through L.1649, Vanguard and Viscount. Other eye-popping views show such classics as the B-17, B-18, B-23, B-29, Lancaster, Mars, PBY, Privateer, Stranraer, even the XR6O-1. The great Canadian airlines appear from TCA to CPA, MCA, PWA, Associated, Wardair and World-Wide. Every photo has a detailed caption giving the where and the when, local particulars and a brief history of each aircraft illustrated (in captions alone the word count exceeds 20,000). This remarkable propliner tribute sets a new standard in quality and depth. While most such books often show little more than one blandly-captioned photo after another, here you are connected intimately with the photographer himself. You see how remarkable was his shooting style, how he photographed nearly every airplane he encountered, how form and content equally intrigued him, and how he shot in all conditions. Here was a true aviation "Shutter King"! The Leslie Corness Propliner Collection portrays one photographer's travels around Canada, the US, UK and even Africa. Don't be surprised as you turn the pages to see lovely images of such other classics as the Ambassador, Belfast, Beverley, Carvair, Deux Ponts, Hastings and Viking. So, jump right on this opportunity and order your copy of this limited first edition! Specifications: 8 1/2 x 11 inches, 160pp, softcover 350 b/w and colour photos, glossary, bibliography, index. $40.00 A

8     Fighter Squadron: 441 Squadron from Hurricanes to Hornets Milberry.

The grandest history of any Canadian squadron and Canada's aviation book of the year for 2004. Begins with 125 Sqn flying Hurricanes in Newfoundland's finest winter weather. Army co-op, flying a Hurricane through a ship's rigging, surviving a head-on collision, rescue at sea, first losses. 125 goes overseas to become 441 - Spitfire ops from the UK, then in France after D-Day. All the details from the ORBs (kills, losses, etc.), interviews with wartime pilots. Mustangs by war's end. Postwar years on Vampires, then Sabres in NATO. Recce CF-104s from 1964, then nuke and conventional attack roles to 1986. In-depth coverage of the CF-18 Hornet years -- NORAD, "Willy Tell", Bears, Aviano, 9-11, etc. 320 pages, hc, lf, 700+ photos, bibliography, index. Reg. $75.00 $69.50 A

9     Canada's Air Force at War and Peace, Volume 1 Milberry.

No history-minded RCAF veteran, even the worst of tight-wads, will want to miss CAFWP! Never has so much RCAF/CF history been combined with such a photo collection. Writes the Halifax Sunday Herald of Vol.1: "This compelling volume can best be described as a combination history lesson, yearbook ... and biography ... a fitting tribute to the countless air force personnel and their families who risked everything for their country." In September 2000 Britain's prestigious Scale Aviation Modeller International selected Vol.1 as its "Book of the Month": "Well, what can we say! This is a book that truly deserves the 'must have' title... one that all RCAF and Canadian aviation fans will want to add to their collection." Writes Airforce: "Milberry has pulled off another winner ... the most comprehensive history of Canada's air force ever produced." In his review in Canadian Flight Bob Merrick announces "the grand-daddy of all Christmas presents for air force vets ... one aeronautical treat after another ... a superb work to delight all RCAF or CF veterans". If these reviews don't turn your crank, you can't have been in the RCAF! Vol.1 begins in 1914 with the one-plane Canadian Aviation Corps, then moves to Canada's part in the British air services. The emphasis is on new material. With more than 30,000 words and 80 photos covering Canadians on fighters, bombers, coastal patrol & training, Ch.1 gets CAFWP off to an exciting start. Ch.2 covers the interwar years, tracing the CAF/RCAF from its civil-oriented start in photography & surveying, fisheries & sovereignty patrols, treaty flights & training. With little money the RCAF grows more military. Dozens of photos take you from HS-2L to Atlas, Siskin, Stranraer, Hurricane. Ch.3 deals with Canada on the homefront 1939-45. Besides some 42,000 words, with 230 photos the visual coverage is spectacular. Main themes include: BCATP, home defence, domestic transport, and industry (Tiger Moths, Lancasters, etc.). Vol.1 finishes by taking you afield in the first overseas chapter -- Day Fighters 1939-45. This is another knock-out, starting with Canadians in the pre-war RAF, moving to No.1 Sqn in the Battle of Britain, on to post D-Day and the march through Europe, Far East, etc. Hurricanes, Mustangs, Spitfires, Thunderbolts & Typhoons fly off the pages. All theatres included in this 44,000-word, 250-photo extravaganza. Vol.1: 296 pp (pages), 700 photos, 200,000 words, 9 x 12 lf (large format), hc (hardcover), glos (glossary), biblio (bibliography), index. A bargain at this price! Reg. $69.50 $35.00 A

10    Canada's Air Force at War and Peace, Volume 2 Milberry.

Completes 1939-45. Ch.1 & 2 cover night fighters, intruders & medium bombers. Much of Canadians on Defiants, Beaufighters & Mosquitos, the former a period of frustration, the latter of success. Many personal stories end happily, but sad times also fill the pages. Ch.3 deals with Bomber Command, beginning with Canadians on RAF squadrons, then moves to the first RCAF squadrons on Hampdens, Wellingtons. With some 70,000 words, Ch.3 says much of the bombing campaign. If CAFWP has a brutal chapter, this is it -- some 10,000 young Canadians die on bombers. Chief data sources are the official 6 Group records + diaries, logs & albums of the men who were there. Ch.4 studies Coastal Command on Beaufighters, Liberators, Sunderlands, etc. 60,000 words of new coverage and photos. While RCAF at War revealed new material on the Hornell VC, more is added here. Special coverage of 422 & 423 Sqns (Sunderlands) is not to be missed, nor are the excerpts from combat reports. Air transport is the theme of Ch.5, with more of Norseman, Dakota, Fortress, etc. War art + awards & decorations complete Vol.2: 256 pp, 600 photos, 180,000 words, 9 x 12 lf, hc, glos. Reg. $69.50 $35.00 A

11    Canada's Air Force at War and Peace, Volume 3 Milberry.

The first title dedicated solely to the postwar RCAF and the largest of all general RCAF histories. Beginning with the post-1945 slowdown, you'll read how Canada disposed of 1000s of surplus aircraft, whether burned, buried, or sold to get-rich-quick entrepreneurs. Next? The panicky built-up to Korea and the Cold War. Here are all the details about Vampires, Mustangs, Sabres & CF-100s; North Stars & C-119s; Lancasters, Neptunes & Argus; Harvards & T-33s. One chapter deals with R&D projects, whether Arctic navigation, flight test, or weapons; one about the CF-105 will be an eye-opener for those taken in by the Arrow myth makers. Vol.3 has 100s of fresh colour photos from the 1950s-60s. Dozens of reminiscences enliven this era. Vol.3 takes you beyond unification to the 1970s. This huge production will give you more than you can digest until Vol.4. Says Air Pictorial: "Milberry has excelled in this volume by combining riveting personal experiences from air and ground crews with an unrivalled selection of illustrations... rarely does a book so handsomely exceed the most sanguine expectations as does this outstanding publication." Writes Air Force Magazine: "This set is a collector's item even before it is completed." Vol.3: 520 pp, 1500+ photos, 250,000 words, 9 x 12 lf, hc, glos, biblio, index. Reg. $85.00 $45.00 A

12    Royal Canadian Air Force at War: 1939-1945 Halliday & Milberry.

Strictly for the reader who knows about and dearly wants this 480-page classic. 6500 in print, a few perfect new copies on the block. Collector's price. Used copy in excellent condition. $110.00 A

13    Air Transport in Canada Milberry.

Canada's aviation book of the century and the world's largest aviation history title (ever). From pioneer days to early operators, the birth of TCA & CPA, Canada's air force since 1924 (including five WWII chapters), the postwar airlines: EPA, MCA, Nordair, PWA, Transair, etc., great airlifts like the DEW Line, search and rescue, aerial survey (Spartan, etc.), Canada's famous designs (Vedette, Norseman, North Star, Global Express), grand helicopter coverage, government & corporate aviation, today's airlines, overseas coverage (Somalia, Rwanda, etc.), Canada's role in space transportation. 26 specially-commissioned paintings'the largest published gallery of original Canadian aviation art. A book for anyone with the remotest interest in aviation. How say the reviewers? These volumes are possibly the world's most inclusive ever devoted to aviation history. (Airways: The Global Review of Commercial Flight:) The Oshkosh of aviation books. (Aerographics). Impressive! The word is sometimes misapplied to a book that is merely interesting, but for these two volumes, it may well be an understatement .. almost a library of Canadian aviation history. (Montreal Gazette) A book to delight, astonish, amuse, enlighten and enrich. (Canadian Flight). Reviewer Bob Parmerter notes: "If I were to be stranded on an island and could chose just one aviation title to take, this two-volume set would be it." So... stop fence-sitting and order your copy of the world's grandest ever aviation history title! 1040 pp, 9 x 12 in., 53 chapters, 2 vols., lf, hc, 800,000 words, 4000 photos (1/2 in colour), maps, glos., app'x, 23-page index. $155.00 A (Overseas: Cdn$235.00 postpaid surface post)

14    De Havilland in Canada Hotson.

After a lifetime associated with De Havilland Canada, Fred Hotson has written its spectacular history. Having learned to fly on the Gypsy Moth in the 1930s, Fred apprenticed on the shop floor at de Havilland in Downsview, working on Tiger Moth, Rapides, etc. During the war he flew Ansons in the BCATP, before moving to Ferry Command. Postwar, he had a career in corporate aviation, before returning to DHC, this time as a sales demo pilot. This took him on such assignments as to Norway, training the RNoAF and Wideroe on the Twin Otter. Next, Fred had a tour in Afghanistan, where the Twin Otter was being introduced in one of the least aviation-friendly regions on earth.

Following his retirement in 1978 Fred wrote the first major history of de Havilland Canada from its formation in 1928 to its trials and successes through the Depression. Next he delved into the exciting "Tiger Moth to Mosquito" war years at DHC, and postwar times from Chipmunk to Beaver to Otter. More ambitious projects from the Caribou on to the Dash 8 followed. CANAV published it all as The De Havilland Canada Story in 1983, just in time for the roll-out of the Dash 8. Fred's book enjoyed many a superb review and three printings in hardcover.

In 1988 Fred authored another fabulous book -- The Bremen. Winner of the Aviation and Space Writers Association "best aviation book of the year" award, The Bremen is the story of the first east-west, non-stop, trans-Atlantic airplane flight. Of it the American Aviation Historical Society noted: 'There are many books dealing with pioneer ocean flying, but only a very small number can be classified as important. This book belongs in that select group.' For more info see

Meanwhile, over the years much happened at DHC, as new versions of the Dash 8 appeared, Bombardier took over, and the Global Express and other projects appeared. Having followed all this closely, in the mid-1990s Fred again teamed with CANAV to produce De Havilland in Canada. A complete update of his 1983 book, the book was hailed as having set the standard in its category.

Few companies had even dreamed of such a beautiful history. Propliner, a leading aviation periodical, noted: "As ever, the standard is wonderfully super, and the amazing selection of colour and black and white photographs is stunning. If only someone here in England could match your quality and depth of research. There were so many interesting aircraft manufacturers in England, but none has ever received the equivalent of the CANAV treatment." Reviewer Bob Merrick followed on in Canadian Flight: "CANAV Books has done it again ... marvelously illustrated ... a story of hopes and dreams, triumph and disappointment ... an excellent, well-crafted book to intrigue, delight, inform, and occasionally astonish the reader." So ... if you're an aviation history fan, here's the book for you. Even better, should you work in aviation, could you think of better gift for any client, supplier or retiree?

De Havilland in Canada completes CANAV's trilogy of great aviation companies -- DHC, Canadair and P&WC, an accomplishment unique in Canadian publishing. De Havilland in Canada: 392pp, large format, hardcover, dust jacket, glossary, appendix, bibliography, index, 900+ photos & diagrams. Order De Havilland in Canada before this reminder gets buried! One of the great aviation book bargains at this price. (Also available ... a few used copies of The De Havilland Canada Story. Enquire by mail, phone or fax if interested.) Reg. $45.00 $37.50 A

15    Power: The Pratt & Whitney Canada Story Sullivan, Milberry.

Classy book for those with in-depth interest. From early years dealing with commercial operators/RCAF, to the PW100 in the Dash 8, ATR, etc. 100s of photos. Says Airlines, 'An attractive example of how to make a company history come alive.' Adds the CAHS: "If you have enjoyed previous books published by CANAV, you will treasure this one." 320 pp, hc. (Also available in French as Propulsion.) Reg. $40.00 $32.50 A

16    Sixty Years: The RCAF and CF Air Command 1924-1984 Milberry.

This beauty is where every reader starts for general RCAF history. Early days, interwar, WWII, postwar to modern days -- a mini-CAFWP! 800+ photos, 95 colour profiles. More than 22,000 RCAF veterans and fans have a copy! We know how good Sixty Years is - its pages have been scoured and shamelessly poached by "authors" of dozens of subsequent books. Notes Aircraft Illustrated: "This is one of those all-too rare aviation books ... a delight to read and a joy to possess and to treasure... superby produced and printed and is likely to become a classic collectors' item ... a masterpiece." Smart reviewer ... how did he know that! Air International noted: "... an outstanding product combining a fascinating, deeply researched text ... the photographs alone are worth the price..." So go ahead and don't order a copy! 480 pp, lf, hc, appendix, biblio, chron, index. (Found used on the WWW for as high as US$180!) Reg. $60.00 $50.00 A

17    Typhoon and Tempest: The Canadian Story Halliday.

Hugh Halliday's history of Canadians on RAF/RCAF T&T squadrons, espec. 438, 439, 440 Sqns. Writes the Calgary Herald: "A splendid book ... works as pure history but it is also thoroughly readable... the book's backbone is made up of those who climbed into the cockpits to dodge flak and telephone wires while taking out trains and tanks." Air Action adds, "... thoroughly researched ... action from cover to cover ... one more 'must' from CANAV." 300 photos, appendix, maps, lists of aircraft, sqns, awards/decorations, casualties, index. 208 pp, hc. Reg. $37.50 $25.00 A

18    The Canadair Sabre Milberry.

One of the world's finest aircraft histories. Covers all Canadair-built Sabres; service in the RCAF, RAF, USAF, Luftwaffe, etc. 600+ photos, production/accident lists, maps, index, etc. Noted Air Fan, "The aviation literary event of the year." Wrote the American Aviation Historical Society, "Another super book from Larry Milberry rates a strong 10." Air International's take? "... a mine of information ... there seems scant prospect of a better history." In 2001 the leading Greek aviation monthly Ptisi singled out our 1986 Canadair Sabre: "Every detail of the Canadair F-86 ... complete operational analysis ... action and humour ... fabulous presentation ... a real oasis for F-86 fans and anyone interested in the Golden Years of the 1950s-60s." So, Sabre people, don't buy one already! 372 pp, hc. Reg. $40.00 $32.00 A

19    The Canadair North Star Milberry.

The model for any aircraft history. Canada's first airliner from conception to demise. Hundreds of photos, diagrams, foldouts, appendix, index. Writes Air Pictorial, "A magnificent book in every respect." 252 pp, hc. If you have an appreciation for a well-crafted book, resist no longer! $40.00 A

20    And I Shall Fly Leigh.

The renowned Z. L. Leigh's autobio. From prairie barnstormer to Arctic pioneer to his job as TCA's first pilot. On to coastal Hudsons, overseas transport operations with B-17s, the founding of Air Transport Command, etc. More people have told us that they've read this title several times, than any other book on our list! 212 pp, sc (soft cover), photos. Reg. $16.95 $12.50 B

21    The Bremen Hotson.

Fred Hotson's award-winning history about the first non-stop E-W airplane crossing of the Atlantic (Ireland to Quebec). Writes the AAHS, "There are many books dealing with pioneer ocean flying, but only a very small number can be classified as important. This book belongs in that select group." Who could put it any better! Photos, maps, 3-views. 224 pp, hc. (Available in German. Order info at $22.95 B

New and Revived

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22   Bush Flying Captured Richard Hulina.

For grown-up aviation fans this could be "the" book of 2011. Bush pilot/author/publisher Rich Hulina has done us all a favour by turning out one magnificent tome. 100s of colour photos. If your interest is the bush & tundra and in the Beaver, Otter, Twin Otter, Norseman, Beech 18, Beech 99, Founds, Cessnas, Pipers, DC-3, C-46, CL-415, BAe748, etc., this one's for you! Floats, skis & tundra tires in all 4 seasons. Scads of air-to-airs. Treat yourself! $40.00 A

23   Mayhem to Mayday: The Two Air Wars of Andy Mackenzie, DFC Avery.

Bio of a renowned WWII/Korean RCAF fighter pilot. Andy's youth, his training, his Spitfire years, postwar on Vampires, then flying Sabres in Korea. Shot down (by his wingman) he spends 2 years as a POW, but gets out in one piece. Andy remains in the RCAF and helps found the Canadian Fighter Pilots Association. 130 pp, sc, photos, index. Reg. $20.00 B

24   Canadian Aircraft of WWII Vincent.

Outstanding production featuring 19 RCAF WWII types from the Blackburn Shark to the Bolingbroke, Delta, Hudson, Kittyhawk, Lysander, Mustang, Stranraer and Sunderland. Rich in photos, colour profiles & text. 72pp, biblio, gloss, app'x, index. Reg. $29.95 $25.00 A

25   HMCS Haida: Battle Ensign Flying Gough.

Thorough history of Canada's most renowned destroyer. WWII, Korea, postwar, present. 252pp, hc, lf, photos, maps, app'x, index. Reg. $50.00 $18.50 A

26   Tales from the Lakeview: Collected Aviation Stories by Robert S. Grant Grant.

Historic and contemporary coverage by one of Canada's best-known bush pilot writers. More of the Beaver, Beech 18, C-46, DC-3, Junkers, Moth, Norseman, Otter, PBY, Twin Otter, etc. 192 pages, softcover, photos. Reg. $29.95 $25.00 B

27   Blitz: The Story of December 29, 1940 Gaskin.

The Blitz at its most fearsome — the night the Luftwaffe tried to raze London. Says the flapcopy, "Through first hand accounts, diaries, reminiscences, letters and newspaper reports ... see and feel what those on whom the bombs fell heard saw and felt ... an immersion in history as it was lived hour by hour ..." Luftwaffe bombers vs RAF night fighters. 430pp, photos, map, notes, index. Reg. $17.50 B

28   A Short History of the United States Remini.

As it says and a handy volume that should be in every household for quick reference for anyone interested in US/Canada/World affairs. Will help one "to know whereof he speaks". 372pp, hc, photos, maps, biblio, index. Reg. $15.00 B

29   The Bitter Road to Freedom: A New History of the Liberation of Europe Hitchcock.

Monumental post-WWII study of Europe from 1944. Books abound about the armies and air forces that fought to VE-Day. Graphic details of the air war, Europe's ruined cities. The fighting, the collateral damage, the Soviet onslaught, liberation, dealing with millions of "DPs", etc. 446pp, hc, photos, charts, maps, notes, biblio, index. (Blitz + Bitter Road $34.50 A) Reg. $21.50 B

30   POW — Behind Canadian Barbed Wire Carter.

"Alien" and POW camps in Canada. The internment of European Canadians in WWI to camps for German POWs across Canada in WWII. Fascinating history that all will enjoy. How German POW's were a law unto themselves, life & death in remote work camps, great escapes, cemeteries, etc. 254pp, sc, photos, app'x. A special piece of Canadiana! Reg. $22.00 B

31   Colossal Cracks: Montgomery's 21st Army Group in Northwest Europe 1944-46 Hart.

Detailed coverage of Monty's allegedly "cautious" approach following D-Day. Much of Canadian Gen. Crerar's role. 230pp, sc, photos, maps, notes, biblio, index. Reg. $14.50 B

32   Backwater War: The Allied Campaign in Italy 1943-45 Hoyt.

Important coverage of this very important and brutal campaign to break Hitler's grip in southern Europe. Canada's involvement as at Ortona. 246pp, app'x, index. Reg. $14.50 B

33   A Matter of Honour: The Life, Campaigns and Generalship of Isaac Brock Riley.

The great Brock from boyhood, early campaigning in Holland and Denmark, his capture of Detroit in the War of 1812, then his demise at Queenston Heights. 352pp, sc, ill, maps, notes, biblio, index. An important new Canadian book. Reg. $22.50 B

34   Fusiliers: Saga of a British Redcoat Regiment in the American Revolution Urban.

Life & times of a British fighting unit in the 2nd half of the 1700s. From Boston to New York and as far south as Carolina, the Fusiliers fight to save the colonies for the king. How the Revolutionary War led to new British tactics later credited with the defeat of Napoleon. Ideal for the War of 1812 reader. 384pp, hc, maps, notes, biblio, index. Reg. $15.00 B

35   A Bard in Wolfe's Army Chapman.

Life & times of James Thompson who fought in Louisburg (1758), Quebec (1759), etc. Notes the flapcopy, "In this rich and colourful memoirs ... we hear the authentic voice of a Highland veteran of Wolfe's army. Enhanced here by expert editorial notes, Thompson's unique 'oral history' of the campaigns that decided the destiny of North America will undoubtedly appeal to specialists and general readers alike." 384pp, sc, ill, notes, index. Reg. $32.00 B

36   Seven Firefights in Vietnam Cash.

Not to be missed by anyone following this era. 192pp, sc, maps, gloss, index. Good coverage of air support in firefights. Reg. $12.50 B

37   Another Place, Another Time Hirshmann.

New edition of this well-done 2004 Canadian publication based on submariner Werner Hirshmann's wartime diaries/photos. His career in U-boats -- everything of daily life and combat/survival. Ironic Canadian content, since his craft U-190 sinks HMCS Esquimalt. Hirschmann's POW days in Canada and later citizenship here. Highly recommended by 256pp, sc, lf, photos, maps, biblio, index. Reg. $26.50 A

38   A Formidable Hero Soward.

Revised ed'n of Stuart Soward's acclaimed bio. of Lt Robert Hampton "Hammy" Gray, VC. A Canadian book to treasure. Hammy's youth in Nelson, BC, then his days as an RCNVR recruit, flight training in the Fleet Air Arm, his tours on Fulmar & Corsair fighters from E. Africa to Norway & the South Pacific. Stuart captures the exhilaration, danger, fun and misery in the lives of youthful naval pilots who daily faced death. Stuart's efforts to win Hammy long-overdue acclaim — a memorial is dedicated near the spot of Hammy's final action. A Canadian aviation literature treasure that you'll be proud to have in your library. 228 pages, sc, photos, maps, index. $23.50 B

39   Soldier in the Cockpit Pottinger.

Ron Pottinger tells his story of flying Typhoons on RAF squadrons from early times in 1943, through the Normandy period to his time "in the bag" as a POW. Many RCAF compatriots are part of this excellent piece of history. Well worth the read! 244 pp, sc, photos. Reg. $16.95 $10.50 B

40   Battle of Britain: The Hardest Day 18 August 1940 Price.

Alfred Price's acclaimed title (1988 ed'n). Sqns, a/c and men on both sides, their plans for the day and how it all worked out. Essential reading for the air warfare bibliophile! 222pp, sc, photos, maps, app'x, index. Reg. $15.95 $10.50 B

41   The Greatest Air Battle: Dieppe, 19th August 1941 Franks.

Hour-by-hour account of 1000s of sorties flown by both sides over Dieppe. One of the best WWII air combat histories. Much RCAF involvement. 256pp, sc, photos, app'x, biblio, index. Reg. $18.95 $15.00 B

42   Prairie Wings: RAF 34 Service Flying Training School Medicine Hat 1941-1944 Carter.

David Carter's excellent profile about a BCATP flying school on the prairies. From inception to close-out, all the details from clearing a site to daily Harvard operations. A microcosmic view of the BCATP and the RCAF in WWII. Highly recommended. 198pp, sc, lf, photos. $35.00 A

43   Flights into the Night Leicester.

Tony Leicester recently passed, but not before producing a fine autobio. A Brit who trained in Canada with the BCATP (Tony was in one of those Anson-landing-atop-Anson skits), he flies Wellingtons & Dakotas in NAfrica & India. Postwar? Berlin Airlift, then he joins the RCAF for a career in transport and training. Highly recommended. 248pp, sc, photos, index. Reg. $17.95 $15.00 B

44   6 Group Bomber Command: An Operational Record Ward.

Detailed new take on this renowned, all-Canadian organization. 6 Group's establishment, growth and all its astounding accomplishments (and losses) over "Happy Valley", the Battle of Berlin, etc.. Valuable addition in air warfare literature. 260pp, app'x, biblio, photos. Reg. $47.95 $42.50 B

45   Spartan: Seven Letters that Spanned the Globe Avery.

Long associated with Spartan Air Services of Ottawa, Norm Avery has completed a fine opus covering in detail the story of this world-famous aerial survey company. From Spartan's 1946 originators — Russ Hall, John Roberts and Joe Kohut, backed by Barnet Maclaren — Norm describes now the company got its first work using Ansons, then quickly began expanding. The fleet soon was booming with such types as the Dragon Rapide, Sea Hornet, P-38 Lightning, Mosquito, Ventura and Lancaster as photo mapping work came in involving the company across the Arctic and elsewhere in Canada, then internationally throughout the Eastern Hemisphere etc. Spartan expands into helicopters first with Bell 47s, then Piasecki H-21s on Mid Canada Line duties. It also establishes a heavy transport division operating Yorks on the DEW Line. Norm describes all the excitement of these days, several of the company's infamous accidents included — Mosquitos, Lightnings, Yorks and other types all come to grief from the Arctic to the tropics. Spartan: Seven Letters ends with the demise of the company in 1972. This is a book certain to enlighten and entertain any aviation reader for years to come. 170 pages, softcover, photos. $24.00 B (Overseas: USD$35.00 postpaid.)

46   De Havilland DHC-1 Chipmunk: The Poor Man's Spitfire Hugh Shields et al, Foreword by George Neal.

Superb new book detailing everything about the Chipmunk, from conception through design and development into the 2000s. Production in Canada, UK, Portugal. Service in many air forces, then the full story of the civil "Chippy" in Canada & abroad. Worldwide production lists, list of worldwide survivors, photos and diagrams galore, index. A total gem of a book that you absolutely must have! 440 pp c, lf. Reg. $70.00 $65.00 A

47   Destruction of a Dream: The Tragedy of Avro Canada and the CF-105 Arrow Valiquette.

Very worthwhile new overview of Avro Canada from pre-WWII, through Victory Aircraft, on to postwar Avro Canada. Many new photos and insights. Jetliner, CF-100, Arrow + some of Avro's stillborn projects like the CF-103. Highly recommended volumes 1 & 2! 96pp, sc, large format, photos galore. (Note: volumes priced individually.) $21.50 A

48   For the Love of Flying Metcalfe-Chenail.

If you've enjoyed Austin Airways, Grumman Mallard, Bush to Boardroom and such Canadian bush flying classics, you need this new book about Ottawa-based Laurentian Air Service. From earliest times on Wacos and Norseman, FLOF covers the evolution of a great company. Beavers, Otters, Goose, Beech 18s and DC-3 follow along. All the key personnel & activities are covered, from sport fishing, hunting & air ambulance charters of early days, then into the bush on prospecting & forestry work, surveying, supporting megaprojects like the James Bay hydro development… nothing is missed. This book belongs in your aviation library! 224pp, sc, photos, maps, biblio, index. (Available May '09) Reg. $30.95 $28.50 B

49   Grumman Mallard: The Enduring Classic Hotson.

Fred Hotson flew the Mallard. Now, with co-author Matthew Rodina, comes the story of this fabulous amphibian. From earliest times through development & 50+ years of operation. The Mallard as a rich man's toy, hard-working Canadian bush plane, etc. Writes Rbt Vaughn in the St. Croix Avis, "The glory, beauty and romance of the Mallard's long and valued past is recalled in this definitive volume." Adds Airways, "Carefully produced ... a superb record of an attractive and endurng aircraft ... a book to treasure." 184pp, hc, lf, photos, cutaway, dia., prod' list, biblio, index. Reg. $39.95 $35.00 A

50   The Curtiss HS Flying Boats Molson & Shortt.

Very special! Pre-history, design, production, combat & postwar service of these great aircraft. Details of Canada's museum example. 156 pp, sc, chron, biblio, photos, appendix, index. Reg. $24.95 $23.50 B

51   The Immortal Beaver Rossiter.

General history of the world-renowned DHC-2 Beaver utility plane. 186pp, lf, sc, photos, index. Reg. $28.95 $25.00 A

52   Mavericks of the Sky Rosenberg & Macauley.

Fabulous history covering the pioneer years of the US air mail. Solid coverage by Rosenberg & Macauley. The start of it all in 1918 with D.H.4s and such war surplus planes. Establishing the routes, all the great pilots, then the many disasters. Any reader will love this one, esp. the aero philatelic folks and fans of the Golden Years. 340pp, hc, photos, notes, index. Reg. $25.95 $14.50 B

53   Airline Confidential: Lifting the Lid on the Airline Industry Insiders Havers & Tiffney.

Havers & Tiffney analyze the modern airline scene. Get informed & entertained at the same time with this excellent perspective taken over two long airline careers. 296pp, sc. Reg. $24.95 $12.50 B

54   Camp Borden: Birthplace of the RCAF

Here is one of the best base or squadron histories — Canada's premier flying station from 1917 to the present. Camp Borden initially trains 100s of airmen to fight "over the front" in France. Students learn on Curtiss JN-4s, then soon are fighting in Camels, SE5s, HP100s, flying boats, etc. The story moves into early post-war Canadian Air Force days, then "Borden" becomes the first great RCAF station. All the details of the interwar years, then comes WWII. Again, Borden is the training heart of the RCAF, as eager students get their wings on Yales & Harvards. The post-WWII era is covered vividly right to the present, with 16 Wing Borden still a vital CanForces training centre. The great personalities and all the aircraft types are included, as is 400 Sqn, presently at Borden with Griffin helicopters. 202pp, hc, lf, photos (b/w + colour), art, biblio, index. A gem of a Canadian aviation book and a solid bargain! $37.50 A

55   Dancing in the Sky: The Royal Flying Corps in Canada Hunt.

C.W. Hunt's excellent new coverage of a major Canadian theme. How 20,000+ Canadians trained as pilots, observers and technicians at such bases as Camp Borden in 1917-18. The impact of this vital program in the air war "over the trenches" in all theatres. Includes the RFC (Canada) exchange program with the US in Texas. Perfectly complements Pioneer Decades and Camp Borden! 352pp, sc, photos, index. $25.00 B

56   The Red Baron's Last Flight: The Mystery Investigated Franks & Bennett.

Who killed the Red Baron? This book is the final word on the fate of the amazing WWI German air warrior, Manfred von Richthofen (80 kills). On April 21, 1918 he was shot down over the front. Canadian pilots W.R. "Wop" May and A.Roy Brown were in on the action, but who fired the fatal shot? This excellent analysis goes about as far as could be in delivering the answer based on historic realities and scientific study. 144pp, hc, photos galore, maps, docs, app'x, index. Reg. $29.95 $15.00 B

57   Barker VC Ralph.

Wayne Ralph's acclaimed history of Canada's most important WWI fighter pilot. The research shows this "air VC" biography for what it is — A+. 336 pp, sc, photos. Reg. $24.95 $16.50 B

58   Great Circles: The Keith Greenaway Story Greenaway.

A young man's WWII years in the RCAF, then how he becomes a key postwar R&D figure. He flies on USAF B-29s on top-secret Arctic LORAN missions. A stint at the Defence Research Board follows, he publishes ground-breaking works such as Arctic Canada from the Air, receives the 1952 McKee Trophy, then is involved developing the world's first airborne, self-contained GPS. In 1954 he goes on exchange with SAC, crewing on the B-47, B-52 and KC-97, and taking part in mass aerial exercises practicing for WWIII. In 1958 he crews on a US Navy blimp to the Arctic. Later postings include top-level instructing, station commander and overseas air adviser. The Order of Canada and membership in Canada's Aviation Hall of Fame follow. Solid RCAF history for any true fan and a bargain at that! 314pp, hc, photos, endnotes, index. $30.00 B

59   Commando: Illustrated History of Britain's Green Berets from Dieppe to Afghanistan Harclerode & Reynolds.

Carefully researched and beautifully presented history of these classic military specialists, a n elite group that has counted 1000s of Canadians over the decades. 272pp, sc, lf, photos, biblio, chron, index. Reg. $24.95 $12.00 A

60   Behind the Lines Miller.

The inside story of British, Canadian and US special operations personnel 1939-45. From trains (Camp X included) to deployment, often to the agent's doom — all topics are covered in this highly-rated title. 286pp, hc, notes, biblio, index. Reg. $23.95 $15.00 B

61   S.O.E.'s Ultimate Deception Boyce.

The story revealed — how the SOE planned near war's end to destabilize Hitler's regime by lies, deception and weakening it from the inside. A vital operation pulled off by the ever-secret SOE. 244pp, hc, photos, notes, biblio, index. (both SOEs $28.50 B) Reg. $42.95 $16.50 A

62   Destruction of a Dream, Vol.3 Valiquette.

For those who enjoyed Tragedy of Avro Canada Vol.1 covering the CF-100 & Jetliner to the Arrow + Vol.2 Supersonic Dreams ... Vol.3 Seeds of Suspicion adds to this fine series. Vol.3 focuses on the final weeks of the Arrow, how it all came apart. Some of the most amazing photos of all the Arrow books. Highly recommended. 104pp, hc, photos, dia. each. (All 3 volumes $62.00 A) $22.50 A

Other Canadiana - Civil and Industry

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63   At the End of the Final Line: A Brief History of Aircraft Manufacturing at Canadian Vickers and Canadair from 1923 to 1984 Campbell.

Excellent overview of this key topic. Nicely compliments Canadair: The First Fifty Years and Canadian Aircraft since 1909. 132pp, sc, photos, dia, gloss, index. Reg. $21.95 B

64   Bent Props and Blow Pots: A Pioneer Remembers Northern Bush Flying Terpening.

One of the last of Canada's early bush aviators tells the story as never before. If pioneer northern aviation is your interest, this book's for you – just a gem! 338 pp, hc, photos, index. $35.00 B

65   Bush to Boardroom McLaren.

Super autobio by the great Canadian, Duncan McLaren, who passed away in 2006. A life well lived in aviation ... early bush years flying the Beech 17 & 18 for the HBC. With Noorduyn in Norseman & Harvard days. Postwar with QCA, the PWA. Loads of DEW Line history. Later years in industry south of the border (more of PWA, Alaska Airlines, etc.). Essential reading for the diehard aviation reader! Reg. $24.95 $15.50 B

66   The DEW Line Years: Voices from the Coldest Cold War Dickson.

Frances Jewel Dickson, whose father was lost in a DEW Line plane crash, has assembled a vast and varied collection of personal accounts from many who served on or were associated with the early DEW Line years. Certainly one of the greatest eras in Canadian air transport history, so don't miss this special book! 214pp, sc, photos, app'x. Reg. $19.95 $18.50 B

67   Charlie Baker George Tibbo.

George Frank Tibbo's revised edition of his terrific history of the crash of the SABENA DC-4 near Gander in 1946. Frank has found survivors, rescuers and many other involved in this astounding event, which also was one of the first ever helicopter rescue missions. An ace of a book! 200pp, sc, photos, gloss. Reg. $16.95 B

68   Mid-Air Moose Jaw Shaak.

Larry Shaak's detailed look at all that led up to the needless collision of a TCA North Star and an RCAF Harvard in April 1954. Then he covers the aftermath, including the boards of enquiry and finds that, even after all these years, there are questions to be asked. Good history! 225pp, sc, photos, biblio, index. Reg. $24.50 B

69   Disaster on Mount Slesse: The Story of Western Canada's Worst Air Crash O'Keefe & MacDonald.

Detailed coverage of the dreadful 1956 TCA North Star disaster in BC. You've read the basics of this story in The Canadair North Star. Now, here's the rest of the story. Complements Charlie Baker George. Reg. $21.95 $18.50 B

70   Carl Burke, MBE: Canadian Aviation Pioneer MacNutt.

Burke's bio. from DH Moth days to the founding of Maritime Central Airways. DC-3s, C-46s, PBYs, Yorks. The great DEW Line era, and MCA's entry into international charters. The disastrous crash of DC-4 CF-MCF. On to Nordair with the Super Connie, Convair 990, etc. 204 pp, sc, photos, maps, fleet list, index. Reg. $23.95 $8.00 B

71   The Accidental Airline Spilsbury.

Queen Charlotte Airlines. Details of BC coast aviation. Kemano, PWA rivalry, etc. A great read! Photos. 212 pp, sc. $17.50 B

72   The Arrow Scrapbook Zuuring.

Solid Avro Arrow stuff! 240 pp, lf, hc, 500+ photos, diagrams, tons of gen you've never imagined! Reg. $50.00 $40.00 A

Other Canadiana - Military

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73   The Spitfire Smiths: A Unique Story of Brothers in Arms S/L R.I.A. Smith, DFC, and Chris Shores.

The authoritative story of the renowned RCAF Smith brothers who fought at Malta. To be enjoyed by all interested in RCAF heritage. 224pp, hc, photos, index. Reg. $39.95 $35.00 B

74   Canadian Squadrons in Coastal Command Hendrie.

RCAF coastal ops 1939-45. All sqns, U-boats, convoy strikes, mining. PBYs, Blenheims, Sunderlands, etc. Lists U-boat/shipping attacks. 208 pp, hc, photos, index. Reg. $35.00 $15.00 A

75   Buck McNair, Spitfire Ace Frank.

Norman Franks' superb bio of one of the RCAF's great WWII fighter pilots. McNair's boyhood, training, first combats, N. Africa/Malta, Europe post D-Day, postwar. To be read! 178pp, sc, photos, app'x, biblio, index. Reg. $19.95 $15.00 B

76   Black Crosses off My Wingtips S/L I.F. Kennedy, DFC and Bar.

Spitfire days in Malta, Italy, Normandy. From sprog to CO. Excellent account! Photos, maps, app'x. 181 pp, sc. $18.00 B

77   Line Shoot: Diary of a Fighter Pilot Sager.

Art Sager tells his personal story of flying Spitfires in the RCAF. From training in Canada to ops over the UK & Europe. Much of sqn life — the seamy side, sparring with the 109s, etc. Solid history! 168pp, sc, photos. Reg. $12.50 $8.00 B

78   The Unknown Navy: Canada's World War II Merchant Navy Halford.

Bob Halford's tribute to Canada's 12,000 merchant seamen & their ships. Daily life for oft-torpedoed sailors. 288 pp, sc, photos. Reg. $19.95 $10.00 B

79   No Higher Purpose: The Official Operational History of the Royal Canadian Navy in the Second World War, 1939-1943 Douglas, Sarty, Whitby.

15 years in the making! The rapid expansion of the RCN, which grows overnight from a fleet of rust buckets to a powerful fighting force. Compliments all the other RCN books listed with CANAV. 624 pp, hc, lf, 100 photos, 18 maps. Reg. $60.00 $27.50 A

80   Strange Fatality: The Battle of Stony Creek 1813 Elliott.

Many of you have been enjoying the War of 1812 series from Robin Brass Studio. Last season came Capital in Flames. Now here's Strange Fatality, another that you'll be pleased with ... all the gen about how 700 British and Canadian troops routed 3500 US invaders. 300pp, sc, ill, maps, biblio, index. (Available May '09) Reg. $24.95 $22.50 B

81   Capital in Flames: The American Attack on York, 1813 Malcomson.

First comprehensive history of this important War of 1812 event. The battle viewed from every angle — the broad setting, then the details as American forces land, overrun the defences and pillage the town. Essential Canadiana. 512pp, hc, ill, maps, app'x, biblio, index. Reg. $39.95 $35.00 B

82   The Incredible War of 1812 Hitsman.

The history of this strange Canada-US war. Updated by Don Graves. Should be in every Canadian home where there's the remotest interest in history. 432 pp, ill., maps, app'x, biblio. Reg. $22.95 $20.50 B

83   Bert Hoffmeister at War: The Soldiers' General Delaney.

Here is one of the truly grand bios of a Canadian general WWII era. Hoffmeister's impressive career from being a pre-war militiaman in Vancouver to his remarkable successes in the Italian campaign 1943-44. How the great Hoffmeister managed, led, directed, inspired. A magnificent piece of work, truly essential reading! 298pp, sc, maps, photos, notes, biblio. Reg. $32.95 $29.50 B

84   Fields of Fire: The Canadians in Normandy Copp.

Not to be missed by any fervent fan of Canada's great efforts after D-Day. Recognized as the expert in this topic, Copp presents the picture lucidly and in the broadest depth & breadth. Writes Dr. Jack Granatstein: "Copp is a leading Canadian historian ... His arguments will stir controversy ..." 346pp, sc, maps, photos, notes, biblio. Reg. $35.95 $32.50 B

85   Words of Valediction and Remembrance: Canadian Epitaphs of the Second World War McGeer.

A marvellous book focusing on a very touching subject. The author takes us to the battlefields and monuments where Canadians made their sacrifices, and does so with intelligence and respect. Canadian history-in-print at its best and in which the intelligent reader will revel. Having read this gem, you soon will find yourself inspecting the cemeteries and monuments in your own area. 312pp, hc, photos, index. Reg. $35.00 $27.50 B

Miscellaneous Titles

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86   Warrior Race: A History of the British at War James (2001).

Mammoth coverage from Roman times, wars of empire, modern era: WWI, WWII, Cold War, UN ops, N.Ireland, Falklands, Gulf War I, etc. "impeccably researched, expertly written" - Sunday Telegraph. Essential sourcebook, a major bargain. 864pp, hc, biblio, index. Reg. $49.95 $25.00 A

87   Hughes: The Private Diaries, Memos and Letters. The Definitive Biography of the First American Billionaire Hack.

Amazing story of HH. Much of his life with all its "firsts" incl. "Spruce Goose". His many other interests - submarines, satellites, babes, etc. 444pp, hc, photos, notes, biblio, index. Reg. $39.95 $15.00 B